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Victoria Bead Bag Grey-Taupe (SAMPLE SALE)


Victoria Bead Bag Grey-Taupe (SAMPLE SALE)

120.00 299.00

The Victoria Bead Bag is the perfect day to night handbag. Made from luxurious suede, it has a classy bohemian feel.

This shoulder bag not only sits comfortably, it is roomy, and looks ever so stylish.......making any outfit look chic!

On both sides suede-covered bead and plait strings drape around the edges, met in the middle with 2 long beaded tassles. The plait handle sits flat on the shoulder and creates a more elegant look.

Inside the bag is a magnetic clasp for added security and it features a zippered as well as a mobile pocket so you can find you essentials easily!

Love your elegant classic soft suede work of art by Jodi Lee!

Measurements: Length across body = 46.5cm, Height = 37.5cm, Handle = 51.5cm

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