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Monterey Peacock Wallet Black/Turquoise Stone (Pre-Orders Available)

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Monterey Peacock Wallet Black/Turquoise Stone (Pre-Orders Available)


The Monterey Peacock Wallet in classic black is a divine hand-carved wallet/clutch that really is one of a kind!

Embellished with different shapes and sizes of silver studs outlining the peacock carving is embodied with a unique turquoise stone. Each stone is hand-picked, creating individuality to every piece.......

Inside there are credit card holders, a zippered purse for change, a place for notes, as well as the left side with another fold to either carry a passport, phone or notes. 

Perfect as a carry-all, this wallet can be for your everyday use or a clutch for special occasions.

Enjoy your unique Jodi Lee hand-carved work of art featuring a beautiful turquoise stone, studding and woven edges to create the perfect bohemian luxe look!

Measurements: Length = 21.5cm, Width = 2.5cm, Height = 13.5cm


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