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Charis Jacket Black

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Charis Jacket - Black.jpg
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Charis Jacket Black

from 325.00


* Amazing fitted black napa leather jacket with shoulder detail and long slim sleeves with zippers to tighten at the back 

* Wear open and loose or zip the front for a more edgy look


* Charis is a given name derived from a Greek word meaning "grace, kindness, and life". In Greek mythology, a Charis is one of the Charites or "Graces", goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility

* The colour black relates to the secretive, the hidden and the unknown and as a result creates an air of mystery

Wear with skinny black jeans and bold red lipstick for a sexy sleek look.....

Size Chart:

XS = Australian 6

S = Australian 8

M = Australian 10

L = Australian 12

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