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Benny Owl Wallet Antique Tan/Turquoise Stone (Pre-Orders Available)

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Benny Owl Wallet.jpg
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Benny Owl Wallet Antique Tan/Turquoise Stone (Pre-Orders Available)


The Benny Owl Wallet is a larger sized wallet than can easily double as a clutch. Made from antique tan cow leather featuring an owl carved design, it is highlighted by silver studs with a body of a turquoise gemstone.

Owls represent wisdom, knowledge, and vision, and the turquoise stone will also carry great wisdom of basic truth within it. 

A strong combination of meaning within a beautiful wallet/clutch to make your outfit more artistic with a twist of bohemian chic.

Inside this wallet is a zippered purse for change, note holder, card holders,  and a flap on one side to hold your passport or phone. Use as your every day wallet, or as your travel wallet or as a clutch.

Enjoy your meaningful work of art by Jodi Lee!

Measurements: Length = 21.5cm, Width = 2.5cm, Height = 13.5cm


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